Dungeonbowl Knockout Edition’s kick off!

The bloodiest sport of the universe of Warhammer comes back with a new edition of the most famous variant of Blood Bowl.

Come and challenge other players in competitive matchs online or defy the new computer AI in funny and violent matches.
The 10 colleges of magic are about to fight each others again for glory and for the Dungeonbowl cup. Play with 10 exclusive teams each mixing 3 races from the universe of Blood Bowl in exciting and tactical games.
Create your own field thanks to the Dungeon Editor, a Simple and comprehensive tool which will allow you to share your creations and enjoy a myriad of maps with the community shares.

All the previous DLCs are included in the new Dungeonbowl Knockout Edition in addition to the new features and the new AI!

Prepare to crush orcs, goblins and other stuff in the cobbled corridors which are your new playground!

Exclusively for the release of the new edition and for a week, you can buy Dungeonbowl Knockout Edition with 33% off on the Cyanide store
Don’t miss this opportunity!

For those who already bought the previous edition of Dungeonbowl, the game will automaticaly update to the new edition via Steam and you will be able to enjoy the content of this new edition.